Mantra Health Patient NPS Survey Shows High Satisfaction with Virtual Mental Health Care

Posted: April 04, 2022

For college students, access to quality mental health care can make the difference between staying in school and dropping out. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) concluded that 64% of students who dropped out of college did so as a result of mental health issues.

Student retention is one of the main metrics that we care about at Mantra. In our quarterly patient NPS survey, we ask students who work with Mantra whether working with a Mantra provider has helped them stay in and feel happier at school, and whether they would recommend the service to others.

From Fall 2021 to Winter 2021, there was a 16 point increase in students who were promoters, which are those who were satisfied enough with Mantra that they would recommend the service to others. This was coupled with 70% of participants believing the service helped them stay in school, a 16% increase from Fall 2021. Overall, 81% of students reported that Mantra made it easy for them to take care of their mental health, and 68% reported that they were performing better in schoolwork due to the virtual therapy and psychiatry services offered by Mantra.

With reduced anxiety and better well-being, students are better able to navigate the stressors that inevitably come with the college lifestyle and improve their grades. This is especially true when a student believes their provider to be of good quality, kind, and caring. 78% of students who mentioned their therapist as being supportive, helpful, understanding, and even “amazing” were found to be satisfied. This only reinforces Mantra’s commitment to finding the best, brightest, and most empathetic providers who truly understand college students.

While many students are satisfied with Mantra, there is always room for improvement. Across the board, students suggested that they would like to see improved wellness content that can cater to a wide range of lifestyles, personalities, and needs. Mantra takes patient feedback seriously and strives to respond by continuously innovating on our product offering, especially on wellness content which can serve as a valuable ongoing resource for students when they are not meeting with a therapist.

Our Winter 2021 results were an improvement over the last installment of the patient NPS survey in the Fall. This has given us extra motivation to continue to build a provider group specializing in young adult mental health care, and to develop new products that can enhance the wellness experience of our college student population.