The state of provider burnout in college counseling centers in 2021

Posted: February 02, 2022

Last year, Mantra published an inaugural provider burnout White Paper, which revealed a worrisome status quo: in college counseling centers, 9 in 10 clinicians reported experiencing burnout. This is 12% higher than the average burnout levels reported in a large-scale survey of North American psychiatrists.

The COVID-19 pandemic marked a paradigm shift for mental health care needs. COVID-related challenges and anxieties across the population have contributed to severity of mental health issues. Beyond a taxing workload, the burnout clinicians experience is often compounded by the emotional strain that mental health providers are navigating themselves.

Building on our 2020 provider burnout survey, we collected insights from college counseling center staff. In what follows, we review 2021 findings about the state of burnout amongst college mental health clinicians and directors. We then offer key takeaways to inform counseling center priorities in the coming year.

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